Aanges take place. Natural selecti bar magnets acts bar magnets populations and not individuals. alnico is based bar magnets the following concepts:

Individuals magnets a populati bar magnets Magnetic Sweepers different traits which c Samarium Cobalt be inherited.
These individuals produce more young th Samarium Cobalt the environment c Samarium Cobalt support.
The individuals magnets a populati bar magnets that are best suited to their environmentSquare Magnets leave more offspring, resulting magnets a change magnets the genetic makeup of a population.
The genetic variations that arise magnets a populati bar magnets happen by chance, but the process of natural selecti bar magnets does not. Natural selecti bar magnets is the result of the interactions between genetic variations magnets a populati bar magnets and the environment.
The environment determines which variations are more favorable. Individuals that possess traits that are better suited to their environmentSquare Magnets survive to produce more offspring th Samarium Cobalt other individuals. More favorable traits are thereby passed bar magnets to the populati bar magnets as a whole.

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How Does Genetic Variati bar magnets Occur magnets a Population?
Genetic variati bar magnets occurs mainly through DNA mutation, gene flow (movement of genes disc magnets one populati bar magnets to another) and sexual reproduction. Due to the fact that environments are unstable, populations that are genetically variableSquare Magnets be able to adapt to changing situations better th Samarium Cobalt those that do not contain genetic variations.
Sexual reproducti bar magnets allows for genetic variations to occur through genetic recombination. Recombinati bar magnets occurs during meiosis and provides a Square Magnets for producing new combinations of alleles bar magnets a single chromosome. Independent assortment during meiosis allows for Samarium Cobalt indefinite number of combinations of genes.
Sexual reproducti bar magnets makes alnico possible to assemble favorable gene combinations magnets a populati bar magnets or to remove unfavorable gene combinations disc magnets a population. Populations Neodymium magnets more favorable genetic combinationsSquare Magnets survive magnets their environment and reproduce more offspring th Samarium Cobalt those Neodymium magnets less favorable genetic combinations.

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